View Full Version : Quick question about the gate in the Old Quarter (Possible Spoilers)

3rd Jun 2004, 01:33
I was screwing around in the oldquarter recently and I came to the gate outside the keeper compound. It looks like a double portcullis, about 15 feet apart. The first one is opened, the second one (the one towards the compound as opposed to the street) is closed.

Being the taffer that I am I went in, threw the switch, tapped my foot impatiently and left when nothing happened only to have the first gate close behind me making it so I can no longer reach the switch.

On the off chance that this is going to screw up gameplay down the road (I need to use that gate and it isn't reset) I'd like to know now so I can load up a fairly recent old saved game as opposed to going much further and then having to come back to the same spot and do far more.


3rd Jun 2004, 05:45
That gate served no purpose for me (finished the game), so you're safe...