View Full Version : T3: Runs great for 10 mins then only 4-5 FPS...

2nd Jun 2004, 19:18
Ok, to elaborate on the topic, Thief 3 runs great for me, even with most of the details on high i get atleast 20 FPS. But after about 10 minutes of play, the game takes a dramatic drop in framerate to about 4-5 FPS (or less!) and never goes back up. I've experienced this in some other games as well but its most noticeable in Thief 3. It does not matter what area of the game i'm in or what i'm doing. I could stand still for 10 minutes or so and it will happen as well. Anyone know what could cause this dramatic and sudden framerate drop? Here's my specs:

2.8 ghz P4
ATI Radeon Mobility 9000, 64megs (its a laptop)
AC'97 Audio
512megs Ram
Windows XP Pro

*note: I even formatted my computer and reinstalled Windows XP and it does not fix the problem. Also i need to reboot my computer everytime this happens to get back to a normal framerate. Just quitting and restarting Thief 3 does not seem to work.

3rd Jun 2004, 16:37
Yeah, it's called crappy game code.
Welcome to the new paradigm of
"They can't get their money back,
so who cares how it runs"

4th Jun 2004, 05:58
By the way, it was not crappy coding, it was my CPU overheating =P. I brought out a large fan and leave it near my laptop and the game runs beautifully now. So stop being so negative.