View Full Version : FF7 for PC

1st Jun 2004, 02:11
Do they still sell it for pc? and how many discs are there in it and what are the features in the pc version?

1st Jun 2004, 15:45
I think you can only find it on ebay...and maybe preowned at places like Gamestop and Ebgames, if your lucky.

It has three play disks and one install disk, and is a real pain to get working on today's computers. Some people have crashes in key places that the only way to get though is to send there save file to someone that can get past the crash. and the bike race minigame is near impossible to play, because they didn't put a FPS cap on the minigame.

The battle rendering looks better than the PS1 version, but only if you can get hardware mode working, and some of the translation is reworded to sound better. All the movies are on the play disk and can be viewed with regular Mediaplayer, so you can see the ending anytime you want. But other than that, the PS1 version is the version to get.