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12th Jun 2012, 15:47
We're seeing a number of Final Fantasy threads (for versus and type 0 for example) show up in this off topic forum.

My request is simple. There is a Final Fantasy Titles section of these forums that has subsections for Chocobo Titles, Dissidia, Mystic Quest etc. This would be a good place to actually be ale to post general Final Fantasy threads, where we could talk about the series as a whole, or more importantly, about games that have yet to recieve their own forum such as Versus.

In the same way that there is a VII board, and then a compilation sub board, I think it would be nice if there was a General Final Fantasy board, and then the sub boards mentioned above (chocobo, dissidia, mystic quest).

12th Jun 2012, 15:51
I echo this sentiment.

Until the games are announced for overseas release they won't get their own boards.

So until that point, it would be nice to have a General Final Fantasy Forum, given we can't exactly post about Versus or Type-0 in the Mystic Quest board or vice versa.

12th Jun 2012, 18:28
I add my support to this motion

12th Jun 2012, 19:11
A general forum is an interesting idea but as mentioned there are games not officially announced for the west that might cause some confusion, so it's better to keep those titles here.

16th Jun 2012, 19:50
A general forum is an interesting idea but as mentioned there are games not officially announced for the west that might cause some confusion, so it's better to keep those titles here.

I'm confused by your post. Even if there are games that aren't officially announced for the west (yet), those topics still qualify to be in a general series forum.

Also, having a general series forum will help organize the game topics so that they will be on one forum. I know that this forum was intended for general discussion such as topics on Versus XIII or Type O, but this general discussion forums seems to be the place to post non-SE topics and topics outside of the games. So if they make a forum like the OP said, which is mainly a general series forum, then the game topics like Versus XIII or Type O could be placed there until they make a forum for each title. And this general discussion forum can remain as a general discussion forum that is more catered to random discussion.

19th Jun 2012, 15:11
I'll forward your suggestion on up.

26th Jun 2012, 19:35
I don't really care for the new forum selection, where it bunches up the different FF forums like they pair up FFI-VI, FFVII-XII, FFXII-XIV. I just kinda like seeing who was the last person who wrote on a specific Final Fantasy forum so I know if somebody replied to a specific topic, and now you have to click on the specific topic to even see if somebody replied unless you suscribe to the topic.

27th Jun 2012, 04:23
Thank you.

Grouping several of the titles was also an excellent idea.

27th Jun 2012, 11:35
At the very least I would not mind the Dragon Quest forums to have something similar, given that there were several topics for all game, now they're all bunched in general discussion and I don't know which one belonged to which forum.

1st Sep 2012, 00:34
Why is it that "Lighning Retuns: Final Fantasy XIII" gets its own sub thread even though it was just announced but Versus XIII and Type-0.

The reason we were given why Versus and Type-0 don't have their own sub threads is because they have not got "Firm release dates for NA". Well niether does this just announced new game that has "just entered development".

So my question is if Lightning Returns gets a sub thread why not Versus XIII and Type-0?

1st Sep 2012, 06:56
[FINAL FANTASY XIII: LIGHTNING RETURNS] already has an official English website. Besides, it was quite obvious that the third installment of the Lightning Saga would be released worldwide (and next year at that), just like its predecessors. That should be reason enough, shouldn't it?

1st Sep 2012, 07:13
What PshycoNinja said is correct. The reason given for not having a Versus sub-forum was that the game does not have a release date. So, why is there no consistency in the rules?

Or is there something you guys know that we don't? Versus getting renamed?

1st Sep 2012, 08:53
Perhaps [VERSUS FINAL FANTASY XIII] will not even be released outside of Japan? However unlikely this may be, this cannot be ruled out until further announcements. The game is still in development, but for now you will just have to wait. Neither I nor anyone else can disclose any further information at the moment.

As for [FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0], the team did reveal that an overseas version was in the making, but until further details are revealed, there won't be a sub-forum for this title.

1st Sep 2012, 09:00
I don't like assuming. Unless you want to change the rules, bottom line is the same: None of the games have a release date, but LR has a subforum while Versus doesn't.

1st Sep 2012, 09:19
Then don't assume anything.

Nothing has been changed. With [FINAL FANTASY XIII: LIGHTNING RETURNS], Square Enix is aiming for a continuous worldwide campaign. This was not the case with [FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0]. As I said, there is nothing more to say about [VERSUS FINAL FANTASY XIII] for the time being. As soon as new information becomes available, it will be available. Until then, follow Nomura's advise and wait.

1st Sep 2012, 10:41
I understand Gravity. It just seems very inconsistent you know. The above reason we were told is why we don't have the sub thread. We all assume Versus XIII and Type-0 is coming out in NA just like we assume LR is coming out in NA. So why does LR get a sub thread and the other two don't. It just seems inconsistent and makes it look like were just picking and choosing game that "deserve" to have their own sub threads.

1st Sep 2012, 11:14
To be frank, upcoming games given a forum/sub-forum/thread of their own are the ones considered most relevant to the North American market at the time. Both [FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0] and [VERSUS FINAL FANTASY XIII] are not yet officially committed for release in North America, and to avoid confuson they are not given a sub-forum of their own. Right now the company has decided to focus on seeing the much anticipated [LIGHTNING SAGA] to the end. Still, this does not strictly mean that there won't be any updates regarding a localization of [FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0] or any news related to [VERSUS FINAL FANTASY XIII] for the time being. I cannot say anything more than that the company truly appreciates your patience. For now, please look forward to the many new announcements and details regarding [FINAL FANTASY XIII: LIGHTNING RETURNS] that are yet to come (starting September 4!).

3rd Sep 2012, 01:35
yaaay......... T_T

3rd Sep 2012, 07:50
LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is slated to arrive in NA in 2013 which was mentioned during the announcement.

FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII and FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 don't have publicly announced release dates for NA.

That's the reason I made a new forum.

3rd Sep 2012, 08:18
Thank you for clearing things up.

Speaking of unreleased games: Did I hear something about SEM NA representatives being surprised by the demand for FF TYPE-0 outside of Japan? Must be some sort of mistake. As far as I have seen, they/you understand the demand very clearly. Still, since there is no new information regarding this matter, there is not much more to say.

5th Dec 2012, 01:43
after all the full FF13 saga was supposed to be FF13, FF Agito 13 (Type-0) and FF Versus 13! NOT FF13, FF13-2, and LR: FF13, i would also like to point out that many FF13 fans wanted to have a time travel game as a sequel allow us to go back in time and get actual back story on Vanille and Fang, who are from 500 yrs in the past, and the events that led to the War of Transgression, as well as the crystalization of Fang and Vanille! instead we got a story that poked serious holes into the story that was FF13, and made things worse off than they originally were!

also, if FF13-2 can get a months difference in releasing in japan to releasing in the rest of the world, then why the heck didnt Type-0 get the same treatment?! it came out in Oct 2011, before the vita's release! it could have been released in november-december, it could have been released in april to spring with the standard 6-8month turn around that the old FF games used to have, but nope! its been listed as TBA more than a year later, which it has been listed as since before the game even came out! i imported a used copy of it off of ebay last may for my birthday, greatest game ever! feels old-school while keeping new ideas in the mix! instead SE sits on it, and we get an interview by some heads (japan and france) at SE saying that they really want to release Type-0 but due to the state of the "handheld market" (notice they arent saying the PSP market), they cant do it, unless it changes (wont happen cuz developers and sony have pretty much abandoned it outside of japan).

here is an idea! stop wasting money on revamping and put it towards localizing and advertising the hell out of Type-0 and make it the Swan Song of the PSP! when was the last time you saw an honest to goodness PSP game tv commercial? probably pre PSP-2000 series release!

here is another idea, why is it we dont have any current info on versus 13? and yet we are getting ALL the scoop on Lightning Returns?!

6th Dec 2012, 18:06
SE could just make a Type-0 port to PS3/Vita because there's a chance that it might have already been localised. The reason why their hasn't been any info on Versus is because Square Enix is becoming very very incompitent. That or it's gonna be a next gen game for PS4/XBOX720.

12th Dec 2012, 04:47
Honestly i would have loved it if FF13 didn't have a sequel i loved the ending to it I DID NOT expect an FF13-2 and I think they're definitely going to port Type-O theres no way were gonna see it on the Psp and as for Versus...well i wish SE would give us a shread of news but what can we do?

24th Dec 2012, 13:37
Any news of Versus XIII anyways? I have been waiting a long time to see that game but all I have seen is a gameplay video.

24th Dec 2012, 15:55
For all the information we currently have on the game please go to this thread: na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235... (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235/29215037/Everything_We_Know_About_Final_Fantasy_Versus_XIII_)(Covers_2006-Present)

We have not received any updates in the last few months.

1st May 2013, 22:02
that is where all the FF13 games belong: FF13, FF13-2, LR: FF13, FF Type-0 and FF Versus 13, FF14 doesnt even belong in the same category as FF13 cuz it is an online game! i think people like Robert Peeler and others that run these forums really need to get their act together!

2nd May 2013, 06:02
i think you mighta reversed that, cuz it is already in the general discussion forum. lol. i know what you mean though. i reposted it there, as well.

it was still robert's job when the games should have been posted properly, FF online games (FF11 and FF14 should have their own category and then split into the two game boards separately. FF14, shouldnt be listed with FF13 titles.

2nd May 2013, 06:17
The way the boards are now, is really aweful! FF14 should NOT be listed with the FF13 games in any shape or form!

FF11 and FF14 are ONLINE games, therefore, there needs to be a Category as such:

Final Fantasy Online Games:
- Final Fantasy 11
- Final Fantasy 14

From that point we can enter the two individual game boards.

As for the FF13 titles, they should be listed in a Category like this:

Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis Series:
General Fabula Nova Crystallis Discussion
Final Fantasy 13:
- Final Fantasy 13
- Final Fantasy 13-2
- Lightning's Return: Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy Versus 13 (or whatever name it will be called if the name changes)

I think people like Robert Peeler, who was around when this happened, should have been smarter as a SE employee, to know the facts about the games as the gamers do. I also hope whoever comes after him will actually respond to us and treat us like the fans we are instead of ignoring us, and to do their job and tell SE NA corporates that fans are seriously irate the way they are handling things! No Type-0 in any shape or form? Not releasing the SaGa 2 and 3 ds remakes? Not releasing the next SaGa game on the PS3? Letting many of their older series like the Mana series die, the Chrono Trigger saga, etc. Some of us are angry about DQ10 being an online game! I sincerely hope that those that come after Robert will address us, treating as loyal fans with fears, concerns, questions and love; instead of treating us as silent sheep, who's opinions dont matter in the least!

2nd May 2013, 18:52
It seems there are no plans to localize Type-0, I don't think they'll make a board for it.

2nd May 2013, 21:39
even so, they should at least have a general discussion board to talk about it, the tales games arent all available here yet everyone on the general discussion boards there talk about all the games they have imported, and what they thought of it. i personally think that SE refusing to localize type-0 in any shape or form is really crappy.

the fact that us, the fans have to put out petitions for its release, when SE should be putting it out in the first place, i mean look at how many ff games they released: dissidia, dimesions, theatrhythm, crystal chronicles, the mobile remakes of ff3ds, ff4ds and ff5, both ff13 sequels, why stop at type-0? many of the games we didnt even care about or want released, either cuz it was just a remake, or cuz they released it on a mobile system instead of a psp/vita. type-0 is a better game than 13-2 ever was for one reason, it didnt rely on dlc, it also didnt have any plot holes. fans have been clamboring for its release since the first demo came out in summer of 2011.

as of yet we still dont know if we will get ff versus 13, but i really think that those that import the games, i imported type-0, should have a place on a SE forum to talk about it. nm the fact we might not ever get type-0 or versus 13, ff14 still has no business being listed in a board with ff13!

15th Jul 2014, 17:51
i noticed that there are categories for the FF titles on this forum, and i am wondering why there isn't one for the Fabula Nova games, there should be, and they could have a listing as such: Final Fantasy - Fabula Nova Series - which could then be filtered down into: "FNC General Discussion", "FF13", "FF13-2", "Lightning's Return: FF13", "FF Type-0 HD", "FF Agito", and "FF15".

does anyone else think this is necessary now, considering how many games there are in this particular series, with more to be released in the future no doubt?