View Full Version : crash and lost saved game

30th May 2004, 21:51
Thief has been exiting to the desktop on me randomly today....this time it exited while I was loading my last saved game.

I reboot, restart, and .....the saved game is gone. Vanished. Not there.

I last saved about 5 hours ago. That sucks.

Any ideas? Or at least solutions (beyond saving more) to make sure this doesn't happen anymore?


1st Jun 2004, 23:02
So the save completely vanished from your My Documents>Thief - Deadly Shadows>SaveGames folder?

Maybe it just messed up your SaveIndex.ion file.

If the save is still in that folder, you can copy all the files in it. And then paste them over top your old save that actually still works. Or just change the name of the newest save folder that isn't showing up in game to an old one that is, and move the other save somewhere other than the SaveGames folder for backup.

2nd Jun 2004, 00:30
Same here; random and frequent exiting to the desktop with no error messages.

AMD XP 2100+
GeForce 3
Directx 9.0b