View Full Version : scrolling in lists...

25th May 2004, 08:03
Anyone have this problem?

I can scroll up and down in game lists just fine, but I can't seem to go past the bottom. In things like save lists, item lists, etc, if I scroll down off the bottom, it will show whats below, but as soon as I release the button it pops back up to the top without giving me the chance to select anything. This is for the PC version...

26th May 2004, 16:15
Do you have a Flight Stick or sometype of Analog Joystick connected to your PC? Try disconnecting it, if you do.

26th May 2004, 18:42
although i'd like to get my usb sidewinder to work for the game, it is disconnected and not interfering with the game.

27th May 2004, 21:44
...you didn't mention if your using a laptop or what.....

There is a laptop keyboard patch in support. But I don't know if it will work or not. Most people have problems selecting names with laptops, and can't get out of the naming screen.

27th May 2004, 23:12
No, its a full keyboard plugged into the keyboard socket (whatever you call it). The numpad works fine.

28th May 2004, 21:12
I can't think of anything. I don't think anyone has had this problem, before.

I'll have to run FF7PC, and see what buttons do what.....and get a refresher on how this does it's menus scrolling. and what the contoller options are. But I don't think I'll come up with anything. This may be a hardware problem on your end. It sounds like a stuck keyboard button or something.

I guess you can try reinstalling the game. Using an opposite method that your using now, and see if that does anything. If you did Full Installation try the min installation, or vice versa. Or maybe just a reinstallation in general will fix it?