View Full Version : help me with thief models

24th May 2004, 15:40
i downloaded the daemonites model patch for thief DP. it replaces all the models in thief DP with alot of thos in Thief 2. adds more realistic feters such as fingers nose's and just a better shaped body model. the only problem is ive never done this for my Thief collection. and the guide for the install if offline and it doesnt seem like its going to be back up. so i need to know how to install it. ive posted a forum in the fan mission section for this topic but know one has anwerd yet. so i need to know how to put this patch in for the game. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25th May 2004, 22:12
Check your original thread in MISSIONS. The instructions are there.

Also when you DL a patch, check the page you got it from The README files are many times a seperate DL. This one is from THE CIRCLE, and is an added file NOT associated with the patch itself as a DL.

Good luck