View Full Version : disk space problem with Thief II on XP

23rd May 2004, 21:19
I am running Thief 2 (version 1.18) on Windows XP. I have 88 gigabytes of free disk space, and I have played for several months with no problems. Today, when I tried to start Thief 2, I got an error message saying that 35 Mb of free space were needed to play, and I only had 29. Could this be a problem caused by Darkloader (I have seven or so FMs)? I tried deleting Darkloader's backup saves of the other games, but it did not help. The strange thing is that I can still use Darkloader to load smaller missions like Equilibrium. I cannot play larger missions or the original missions.

Windows XP Home
AMD Athlon 2.13 Ghz
480 MB RAM
4 MB Onboard Video Card (S3 ProSavage I think)
88 GB of free disk space

23rd May 2004, 22:34
This is common. THIEF can only recognize HDD up to 2 gig. So to fake it out, create a folder IN THE THIEF FOLDER, and put about 40 meg of any garbage in it.

This will fool the THIEF EXE and it will run. :D