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22nd May 2004, 22:49
Do you think of codes as cheating or just strategiy Because I think of them as cheating even if it just a medical cheat.

23rd May 2004, 07:06
I think different players have different abilities. Not everyone can play a difficult game. A few games have different skill levels. TR does not have skill levels. Cheats allow players of less skill to finish a level.

24th May 2004, 04:57
They also give ya free weapons,medpacks,and some even deleted items .....
I like s*****n with every cheat,u never know what u'r gonna find out....:D :eek: :cool:

25th May 2004, 08:33
Originally posted by tr6king
Do you think of codes as cheating or just strategiy Because I think of them as cheating even if it just a medical cheat.

They are right! Not everyone can master Tomb Raider without cheats. Can you?...

I don't like using cheats, walkthroughs and stuff like that.

Do you want somebody else to explore Lara and the game for you, or do you want to do it on your own, by your self?...

I finished Tr3 without any help. Just using my own skills. Why? It was my first original Tr game amd I wanted to see what Eidos and Core are really capable of.

Befor that I had some unofficial Tr games (I only played Tr 1 and had absolutely no sound so I gave up playing). I tried Tr 2 (I had no movies or story just the level) and I was fascinated by the abilities of Lara. So I decidet to start collecting the entire series of Tr. No. 3 was the first. And since then I play Tr by my own.

Well, it's just an opinion of mine and this doesn't mean everybody has to do it without help. After Tr 3 I bought no. 2 And agein I finished it without help. Right now I'm working at Tr 4, but I haven't finished it jet. There are simply to many levels and I have now exams at my college. After a month I will continue my "training".

It's true. I read the Stella's Walkthrough, but only the first line with how many secrets in the level are (I want to collect all the sectets because I am some kind of a perfectionist). And nothing more. I don't want to loos any secret by mistake and I don't intend to restart the game all over just for a missing secret. I'm not reading where there are, only how may there are.

28th May 2004, 15:16
Generally for this type of game, I'll buy the book, just for kicks and secrets after I've finished it once.

I'll play through as far as I can until I am absolutly stuck, then I'll check the book for what I missed.

I definatly get books for big games like FFX, or something with good replay value, so I can find all hidden tricks and secrets.