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21st May 2004, 15:50
OK i have been playing FMs for like 2 1/2 years now but i need to know everyones top 10 Fm of thief 2. i usually played thief gold but since it doesnt work any more becouse of my intagraded graphics card i need to Know the best thief 2 FM out there and where to find them.

And where is the cheapest place to buy a realy good graphics card, for less if you know what i mean. im going to buy a new one and i dont want to be spending 300$ for a realy good graphics card but i wont the best for less you know.

21st May 2004, 19:03
Not in any particular order, and not necessarily all in my top 10... but 10 very good ones that just came to mind first...
1. Ominous Bequest
2. Hidden Agenda
3. Equilibrium
4. Embracing the Enemy
5. Old Comrades, Old Debts
6. Thief Noir
7. Unfortunate Formulae
8. Into The Maelstrom
9. The Focus
10. A Guard Named Benny

21st May 2004, 22:41
Having fallen off the FM wagon over two years ago, I obviously have missed some excellent recent ones. Call this the Clayman Classics List, in no particular order.

Errand Boy
The Ritual
Embracing the Enemy
Shore Leave
The Ring
The Seventh Crystal
Cathedral of the Damned
The Art of Thievery

22nd May 2004, 01:24
First, please do not double post about the same question regarding Vid card question :) I've answered you on the other forum.

My picks for T2 in no special order either:

Calendra's Legacy
7th Crystal
Ominous Bequest
Benny's Dead
Art of Thievery
Christine's campaign (Lord Ashton's series)
also Christines Night of the Falcon series
Raid on Washout Central
Hidden Agenda
Deep Trouble

and many others :D Ta and Good Hunting!