View Full Version : Request for Model experts

John D.
17th May 2004, 05:00
I was wondering if anyone has created or could create.

1. A Mechanist woman (based on the mace wielding model) that has no weapons.
2. A Mechanist woman that carries a dagger/short sword (already have a male model that I yanked from the T2 demo)
3. A servant model that's child sized! (evil grin)
4. A mech lady that carries some kind of pistol (perhaps an SS2 model yanked for the occasion?)
Also I can redo a particle beam to make a ring, but is is possible to create an oval?

18th May 2004, 12:46
1. I can do this for you pretty easily, by adapting the female mace skin on an unarmed mesh.

3. I can try using the pagan child mesh with a servant skin - did you have a particular servant skin in mind to use?

Oval - I don't think so. You can make a ring (circle) by using radius instead of a BB in the launch info, but I don't know of any way to make it an oval.

I'll PM or email you once I have the stuff ready for #1 and #3.

John D.
18th May 2004, 14:59
The child model can use the regular servant skin, I've already got a couple of new skins I can replace them with using mesh textures. (primitive but I think they'll work fine) :) I finally have Adobe Photoshop! (limited editon)
As for oval sfx, that's ok I didnt think it was possible, but I wanted to make sure.