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John D.
13th May 2004, 01:18
I have some characters reskinned using the texture commands, however I was wanting to create a new character class under my modified gamesys where I could just use the original model with the new skin put on, that way if I wanted to change their settings-I could just modify the gamesys without editing each character individually. However I found that when I did this, everytime I created a new ai, they had the original skin. I'm using some of the original characters so I cant just modify the regular skin, I was thinking of copying the .bin file and renaming it to be the basis of the new character, but how to I alter the texture setting it has to use my new skin?

13th May 2004, 20:38
What you're saying sounds like it should work. If I understand what you mean, I did that for my guards.

I wanted them to be BramGuards, but with black uniforms, and I didn't want to lose the origninal green one.

I selected BramGuard and clicked on New, and called it RSBlackSwd1.
Then I Edited it and Added the Renderer > Mesh Textures property.
In the first field I typed the name of the original texture, including the extension. In the second field I typed the name of the replacement texture.

Is that similar to what you're trying to do?
You may need to reload the .mis file after you've saved the gamesys.

John D.
14th May 2004, 01:08
Okay I'll try reloading the mission again to see if that was the problem.

John D.
14th May 2004, 17:46
Yep that did it! Thanks!

15th May 2004, 05:31
you can also copy the bin file then use a hex editor to change the name of the texture file in the bin file.