View Full Version : black screen

12th May 2004, 03:54
ok im not sure what part i am at but all i can remember is im in the snow mountions just got done killing the 2 headed dragon boss and went outside to cgo up the mounthin when i reach the top my screen just gose black and no sound or anything im useing windows xp pro.

amd athlon 950mhz
1gb pc133 sdram
geforce fx 5200 128mb agp
soundblaster live 5.1

12th May 2004, 17:46
A movie plays there....showing the crator. Either you have a bad Avi file, or your PC is not setup correctly.... But this is not a common movie crash. So I'm going to guess it's a bad AVI file...that is, unless none of the movies play, then it's a PC setup problem.