View Full Version : Camera movement

John D.
9th May 2004, 12:35
I want a camera to rotate in a perfect 360 spin, but all the settings I try make it rotate back and forth, has anyone been able to do this?

9th May 2004, 16:28
The camera is a joited object, so I added Tweq > Joints, and set the following:
Halt: Continue
Primary Joint: 1
rate-low-high: X=3 Y=0 Z=360.

Then I added Tweq > JointsState and set AnimS to 'On'

Then added AI > Ability Settings > Camera: Paramers and set the three values to 0

It works fine until the camera spots an enemy, it tries to stay looking at it, but it can't switch off the Tweq, so it sort of shakes it's head...

John D.
9th May 2004, 17:19
Hmm, that wont work. I think I'll just add more than one camera and have their fields of coverage overlap instead.