View Full Version : Strange Fonts

9th May 2004, 00:48
Ok my game runs alright, and ive run it before, before i formatted my hard drive. however on this installations (everything installed, patch installed) the fonts are really screwy looking. heres a screenshot:


please let me know what im doing wrong. oh my setup is hardware rendering, pass everything, no nvidia stuff. ive tried it with and without the nvidia stuff on, both the riva and tnt set, but its always the same. i have an nvidia geforce fx 5200 card and im runnin xp home.


11th May 2004, 21:55
The Fx cards do that..... maybe the 45.32 drivers will correct the problem, but i haven't tried it.

The Rivatuner way may work...but I don't know if they have it updated for the latest drivers, yet.

I don't understand the FSAA option in the above link..... I have other games to play, anyway....

12th May 2004, 01:01
awesome thank you