View Full Version : Help me, I am stuck

6th May 2004, 22:33
Hi everybody,
Im in the "Hall of season" where Lara said "Through the spirit of the keeper behold", then she is chased by some kind of red phantom. I dont know how to get rid of him, Can someone, please, help me.
Thank You

7th May 2004, 00:43
Remember your objective is to get one of the paintings....

7th May 2004, 01:05
And as a TR you have to be smart and figure it out

hehehe ;) :D

I will say the important and usefull tips:
1)That's the Obscura Ghost,and through that part you have to DUCK andf CRAWL all the time,cos he can't hurt Lara then
2)Pick up goodies that r in that room like;large medipak, 2 boxes of V-Packer shells,the V-PACKER SHOTGUN and 2 more boxes of shells on the other side
3)Now find a good spot and I say somewhere in front of statue that has that glowing BLUE light in its hands,but DON't go to close or it's gonna move to another.Hey,at least ya know how much space is good the other time u try to get closer,hehe ;)
4) Get up,take shotgun,return down quick again,and shoot the ghost more then dozen of times.When he get's stunned,and u know that by either he's back is turned around 2 u or he stopped and is not moving,and no,he's not taking breath mints to impress Lara silly ;),u have about 4sec. to run quick to that light and get the pai ting,cos when the ghost is stunned the light is in its place,and the Pinting is waiting for ya to pick it up!!

Passed it yet?! :)