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22nd Aug 2013, 19:11
I've been doing some research on the history of Spira, and I understand most of it. At this point, I've just got one main question. If Sin was "programmed" by Yevon to essentially defend Dream Zanarkand, then why is it that he attacked it? Unless that was one of Jecht's ways to bring Tidus to Spira. And if that's the case, then how was Jecht, being a dream of the Fayth, able to become a Fayth, and thus an Aeon, himself? it wouldn't make sense for one of my dreams to come to life, then have dreams of it's own, cause then it's dreams could become real, and then it would just be a never ending cylce. Anyone else confused about this??

28th Aug 2013, 06:11
Well I'll do my best to give you my interpretation of those events. This is by no means the absolute authority, since I haven't played FFX in many years, so take from it what you will.

My understanding is that the Fayth of the Final Summoning are possessed by a now devolved version of Yu Yevon who's only purpose is continue the summoning of Zanarkand. Since we're dealing with a possession, the story gives the impression that fayth under Yevon's influence can enact their own will and awareness with great concentration, but only temporarily. I'm assuming the duration shortens with each attempt. The decision to pull Tidus into Spira seemed to me to be a conspiracy between Jecht/SIN and Auron, most likely Auron's idea. Perhaps because Auron is an unsent he could possibly communicate with SIN and travel to Zanarkand at will. You see examples of this with Tidus' flashbacks after his mother died. If you notice in the prologue, Auron seems to speak to the portal behind him which was created by SIN.

How Jecht came to be in Spira in the first place is completely unknown since it seems that only SIN can make a dream of the fayth assume a corporeal form. As to how a dream of the fayth was able to enter Spira, think of it as a different kind of summon. The Aeons are made flesh by both the fayth and the summoner. It probably works similar with the dream of the fayth and SIN, which is not completely Yu Yevon. Once human and brought to Spira, it seems that they have the same capabilities as anyone else who was born and lived in Spira. Hence why Jecht was able to become the fayth of the final summoning.

Hope that helps a little.