View Full Version : Thief 2 wont run... help

3rd May 2004, 03:28
Ok heres the deal, i put in the Thief 2 disk, click on the instal button, and the instalshield thing comes up in the corner.... it builds to 100% then the program just closes..... and thats it, nothing happens. I have tried E:\setup and E:\setup.exe -lgntforce and the same thing happens........ any suggestions?
Oh Yeah i am running on XP

3rd May 2004, 04:07
Start the install. Go away. Sometimes (for reasons unknown) it takes up to an hour to install.

So just wait for a LOOOOONNNNGGG time. Don't expect an instant response.

This only occurs in XP and only some of the time.

So, like a thief in the shadow. Be PATIENT.

3rd May 2004, 04:28
Didn't know that, tBm.

If setup.exe is still in the task list(control+shift+escape then processes tab) then it may, as tBm has said, resume later.

If not then you can try running setup.exe in different compatability modes.

3rd May 2004, 06:40
See here for one example: