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John D.
3rd May 2004, 00:36
I've hit a brick wall right now. I keep getting 'out of index errors' no matter what I do right now. On the monolog it says ERROR: too many cell->vertex links in pathfinding database! a few dozen times. I've trimmed some brushes out to see if that was the problem but the same errors continue. Anybody know what is causing this problem? Is it a roombrush error of some sort?

Also on another topic, I was wanting to put some new textures in the obj/txt file, but the coloration is screwed up. Another author suggested getting the color palette of an original texture to use, but that skews the new texture too. How do I fix that? I'm using Adobe Photoshop limited editon. Thanks for any suggestions.

3rd May 2004, 18:07
If an object texture has its own 256 colour palette then it goes in obj\txt16\

As for those errors, check everything is snapped to a grid size of no lower than 11 or 12.

If everything is already snapped, sometimes having quite a few brushes that are misaligned by 0.25 units (or any other small number) can cause problems.

John D.
3rd May 2004, 21:17
As for those errors, check everything is snapped to a grid size of no lower than 11 or 12. If everything is already snapped, sometimes having quite a few brushes that are misaligned by 0.25 units (or any other small number) can cause problems. Ok everything is snapped to 12 (what I use on all missions) I've been using Komag's custom menus to process the mission. I've trimmed the cave section I recently multibrushed back in, but that doesnt seem to help. As for misaligned brushes, would deleting all of the room brushes and replacing them one by one help?

3rd May 2004, 22:23
Roombrushes have nothing to do with this. This is almost certainly a terrain brush issue.

Does monolog give you any coordinates?

I found this on TTLG

(posted by AsyluM)
I had the same problem, pathfinding would complete OK, but checking the monolog would give the too many cell -> vertex links error LOTS of times. Along with this, whenever i tried to reload the level after shutting down DromEd i would also get an Index out of range error, which would be fatal and id need to go back to an earlier stage... does this happen?.

From where the error kept happening to me i think the max number of those links you can have is about 40000, try having a look at the monolog at the numbers it gives you for DB sizes... Another thing i would notice that in the report for the level (using the report generator), the actual AI DB size got slashed by almost 1MG.

The way i fixed it was to use activated area brushes to cut out all the none essential terrain where the AI wont go, like roof tops, towers etc. optimize that area, then to pathfind. The AI DB should then be smaller due to missing out all the uneeded area.

If you cant get rid of the too many cell->vertex links errors, but the level works ok, be weary that there may still be some underlying problem, make sure you test it all thoroughly.

Oh and be careful, those error messages can really mount up in your monolog quickly, it aint fun trying to open a 100MG text file...

John D.
4th May 2004, 01:24
Here's one of the messages from the monolog:
[dynarray.h@379] Index 65534 out of range
[dynarray.h@379] Index 65535 out of range
[dynarray.h@379] Index 65536 out of range
[dynarray.h@400] Index 8943025 out of range
Fatal exception occured; dumping crash info to log...

and another
Setup 3027 brush level (5155 brushes total)...
Inserted 3026 brushes.
RAW cell count: 16691
0 extra bsp planes created
6935 cells, 35680 portals, 33006 polygons; 592 splits from large polys
28818 polys merged; 49379 colinear vertices deleted; 31 vertices max
6815 unique planes
Bytes used for internal portal structures: 31498184 bytes.
Polyhedra 135752 Polys 4130016 Portal PolyEdges 10325216 PolyEdges 16907200
Added 1010 vertices
Max vertices post tjoint: 18

I'll see what else I can find, also just what are activated area brushes? and how do I set them to block areas out of pathfinding while enabling the whole level to be optimised?

4th May 2004, 13:03
At the bottom of the dromed window, when Create is selected you see the following buttons:
(not in that order)

Click on 'area' then drag out a rectangle in one of the 2d windows to create an area brush.

When the area brush is selected you'll see a number of buttons such as Activate, Me-only, Name etc.
When it is Activated Dromed will only display the brushes that are within its bounds (even if it's just a corner or one face). This is very useful when you have a two or more storey buidling and you just want to see one floor.

If you portalize/optimize an Activated area brush, Dromed will only do what is inside the area. The edges will have the Jorge texture. If you then Compute Pathfinding Database, it will only be computed for what is inside the area brush (but you have to have optimized first otherwise it will do the whole level).

For your cave, use Area brushes to surround just the places the AI can get to, +/- a unit or two. Optimize (quick lighting will do), then Compute Pathfinding Database.
Deactivate all the Area brushes (or click on Show All) then Optimize and relight (this time with ObjCast).

The entire level should now be accessible to the player, but the pathfinding should ignore the places the AI cannot reach.

Area brushes do not snap to the grid, but you should give them rounded off dimensions and coordinates becuse when they are active they do affect terrain/cells.

'Show All' will display all the brushes, and 'Show Hot' will display just those inside Active Areas (if there are any).
'Me Only' shows just what is inside that particular Area. Saves time if you've got several Areas and only want to work with one.

'Name' lets you give a name to the Area, then when you select any Area, you can select 'Search', select the name from the list and it will be highlighted. You can then use Camera To Brush from the menu to go straight to it.

John D.
5th May 2004, 15:23
Ok, after trying all methods I've found that splitting the mission seems to eliminate the problems. This will also enable me to put more error-free detail into both halves, which is a good thing since most of my rooms are still empty. Dromed doesnt like it's missions super-sized! ;) :)

John D.
8th May 2004, 01:32
Okay, mission split. Seems like the problem has been solved!:D
I had a 3-story structure connected by a long tunnel to a vast complex with a cave system, in other words WAY TOO BIG! Now I've split the mission and
cut the 3-story structure to 2 (kept the hangar). Now on to finishing the basic architecture on the first part and beginning some detail work.:cool: