View Full Version : need help from very start!!

27th Apr 2004, 07:38
HI All,
I am stuck at a point in the very start of the game and i do mean VERY start of the game. I just woke up and managed to get to the elevator. This is where im stuck. I dont know how to get the elevator moving. I have already tried pushing every button in every control-configuration but nothing seems to work. When i press the right mouse button a little screen appears with -1 basement- -3basement- and -cancel- but i dont know how to select one or get that elevator to do anything period. bumbed out.

27th Apr 2004, 11:58
When you're inside the elevator facing the hallway, you'll see a control panel on the right side next to the door.... Walk up to it and right click it, and the basement 1/3 thingies will be white (or green or something)... Then you can select them.... ;)