View Full Version : Lethal and Loaded on Tech TV tonight

26th Apr 2004, 16:31
Haven't seen it myself, but trusted sources have warned me against it.
Expect an influx of curiosity seekers.

27th Apr 2004, 00:36
Why worned?!
I've seen it and have it,and it's really nothing special,nothing a hardcore fan dosn't know about lOl.
It has a kinda scene with Toby,a guy who made her and him quiting blabla,and has cool scenes from TR games,it maid me play TR2, that's fo' sure,hehe ;)

27th Apr 2004, 06:22
So do you think their portrait of us Tomb Raider fans was adequate?

27th Apr 2004, 09:00
Is there something I terribly missed.I don't listen much,but for TR i tryed and got most of it,hehe :D :cool:
All i remeber is something about Toby,scenes from games,some old wrinkly sicko grandma portreing the international idol(what ta Hell is WROOONG with those people ),and some younger models .

Hmmmmm.....:confused: :)

1st May 2004, 02:27
Well, I personally liked it a lot. Thought they portrayed the addiction fairly well. LOL

The ending sequence with Toby Gard had a haunting quality.......at least for me.

I've caught it 2x now but always miss the 1st 20 or so minutes.

4th May 2004, 19:57
I have Lethal and Loaded I thought it was funny I thought the fans were badly representated, Toby reminded me of a lost puppy dog with big brown ears you know you can get dogs that are brown and white with sad looking eyes and older girl was a worry

17th May 2004, 18:35
Remembered it was made even before the first TR movie was made.