View Full Version : XBOX - When Loading Saved Game Console Hangs

25th Apr 2004, 14:01
Like the Subject line says...
I just bought the game and it plays fine. I then am able to save my current progress and that's fine too. When I come back, I boot up my xbox and insert the CD. Go to the main Hitman menu and select "Load". Select my saved game from 04-25-2004. The "Please Wait" screen comes up and the red progress bar starts loading. When it hits the end ... that's it! It sits there forever!
I tried deleting my current game from within the XBOX memory menu and resave but I got the same thing. I tried saving another game and loading that from the Hitman main menu but got the following error message: "There's a problem with the disk you're using. It may be dirty or damaged." I then tried to load my saved game from within another new game... and that worked!
This is still a very anouying problem. Has anyone else had this type of problem or similar? Could you recommend what I could try to do to fix it?