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24th Apr 2004, 20:55
My first post but been a die hard thief fan since thief the dark project came out, my question is this.

How do i get the fan missions for thief to work? i downloaded darkloader, i tried to add the missions in after downloading them but now when i get into thief i get an error message all the time and the game closes, even when i start thief without the fan missions it closes.

24th Apr 2004, 21:53
Just looked again and the error says

ERROR: Direct3d device driver does not accurately report texture memory usage.
Contact your 3d accelerator vendor for updated drivers

24th Apr 2004, 22:11
Welcome to the board Patrick_19, however just so you know...this post should have been placed in the "technical board" which you can get to from the drop-down list at the bottom of this board.

Then in order to help you properly, your specs need to be listed. No way to know what to tell you without this info. :) Once this is done, perhaps ppl would be able to help with proper suggestions. It doesn't quite make sense that if you could play Thief without problem, then you should be able to play the FM's in the same manner. So somehow something that you did or didn't do has effected this ability. So as soon as you can give us more particulars, someone should be able to answer :) Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Apr 2004, 22:24
Check here:


25th Apr 2004, 13:01
This section (http://ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=75031#texturememory) of TTLG's Thief FAQ is probably more helpful than the thread I posted and that Peter Smith referenced.

25th Apr 2004, 15:18
Thanks all:)

25th Apr 2004, 23:18
It still won't work for neither of the thiefs even following the directions, ahwell, i'll wait for the other thief to come out next month, thanks anyway guys:)

26th Apr 2004, 03:57
You should persist. T1 and T2 are well worth playing, not to mention all the Fan Missions (FMs). Post the detailed specifications for your computer including audio and video cards (or on-board as the case may be), drivers, and Direct X version.

26th Apr 2004, 19:37
Kenora 650 with Video, Sound, and LAN
Intel Pentium 4 2.0AGHz
PC2100 512MB DDR
80GB, U100, 7200RPM
8x DVD/12x CD-RW Combo
1.44 MB Floppy
GeForce 4 MX440 64MB w/TVOUT
Universal Tower
TCO Tower
250 watts power supply
MS wheel optical mouse
Internet keyboard
RCD wind XP home english v1.2
WINDVD 2000 VER 3.1
1 year desktop

Pretty soon i'm going to gt an athlon or radeon for 1 of the games i play (unreal 2 xmp).

26th Apr 2004, 19:50
Let's back up a bit. Thief 1 and 2 ran fine before, correct?

You installed the latest Dark, *ver 4. 1005*.

You created a folder or two for the FM's OUTSIDE OF THIEF.

You downloaded the FM's and put them IN THE NEW FOLDER UNZIPPED.

You started Darkloader, used the SETUP feature (the little hammer at the bottom of the screen), used the BROWSE feature and told DARK where the NEW FM FOLDERS WERE.

You then used the BROWSE feature to tell DARK where the THIEF GAMES were.

Is the above correct?

27th Apr 2004, 01:29
Yes and i added the downloaded fan missions to a folder and added them on darkloader and tried to run them only to get that error that i posted. Thief 2 it's the same thing.

27th Apr 2004, 02:16
Try this. REMOVE ALL FM's FROM THE FOLDERS. CUT/PASTE them someplace else.

Put 1, that's 1 FM in each folder (if you have more than one) Make sure it is the correct FM (TDP or TMA) for the folder.

Try to run a game (TDP or TMA) if it works try to run an FM, and so on.

Darkloader reads EVERY FM IN YOUR FOLDERS BEFORE IT STARTS. If there is a corrupted FM the system will crash.

Therefore. Only put 1 FM at a time into the folder(s). Then if Dark crashes, take out the most recent one. If the games run, you know that is the corrupt file.

So. DL as many as you want, but put them into the folder ONLY WHEN YOU INTEND TO PLAY IT, and then ONLY ONE AT A TIME.

At this point, if it were my system, I would UNINSTALL dark (open the dark folder or folder where you have dark and use the uninstall exe.

Clear out the ALLSAVES folder in THIEF (all versions) DELETE ALL FILES. If one of them is corrupt you will crash. Copy the SAVES folders elsewhere.

Try to run THIEF. If it works then reload DARK (in it's own folder) and set it up again.

If it does not run THIEF. Then uninstall. Be certain to clean out the folders uninstall leaves behind,and reinstall THIEF.

Reinstall DARK, set it up. Put one FM of each type (TDP-TM-A) in the folder(s). and try again.

27th Apr 2004, 14:24
Doesn't work still, bah i'll wait for thief 3 because i'm not ready to start putting holes in my walls again, thanks though.