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nightvision toad
19th Apr 2004, 19:47
I downloaded a demo of Codename 47 and this is what happens.

When I click on it it goes to a screen saying I have one hour of play time left. I click try know and a black screen taking up most of the left/top of the screen pops up. A message box then arrives saying.

Fatal error.
Direct3d: no suitable hardware found

This happens for all the other games I have on my PC, namely black&white and Mediveal: total war.

An help would be appreciated, thanks

clicky (http://www.freewebs.com/gamedreamer)

20th Apr 2004, 10:08
Graphics card model? Driver version? DirectX version?

nightvision toad
20th Apr 2004, 14:48
Oh god, I don't really know much about all the technical stuff, it sounds pathetic, how do i find out?

20th Apr 2004, 15:52
Right-click My Computer, then properties. Now, I don't have the English version of Windows, but the second tab from the left should be the one. There you can view different stuff.

nightvision toad
20th Apr 2004, 17:17
It shows me a list of things but nothing that seems to suggeset a video card. Anyone in england? I use XP and by the way the games definately DID work, then they stopped.

28th Apr 2004, 09:43
Press F3 and search directX then double xlixk on the file with a name DxDiag and icon is like X on it.i hope it will work

nightvision toad
28th Apr 2004, 15:19
It says I have directx 9.0b, that mean anything to anyone