View Full Version : Right, so, what I want to know is...

19th Apr 2004, 03:40
...Who's the guy in the patriotic underwear? Appeared in the games, once in Silent Assassin and twice in Codename, known to me only as "that CIA guy." Curious as to why and how he gets into these situations and how 47 knows him. Any clues? Insights?


Oh, and how're y'all doing? Fresh meat here. Be gentle.

26th Apr 2004, 17:49
well in the first he did not know him. In the second he did and he saved him, they know each other in the second game from the first encounter.

Lee Hong
25th May 2004, 15:42
His name I believe, is Agent Smith.

47 bails his ass out every time, and that's why he knows him. They first met when 47 freed him in Hong Kong in "The Lee Hong Assassination". After that, they meet the Romanian mental Asylum in "The Setup" where 47 gives him the "antidope"! In Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, 47 meets him in "Tubeway Torpedo" where he's being interrogated by a russian general. 47 kills the general and helps him escape. Later, in "Temple City Ambush", 47 again meets him at "Carpets Inter" where he's holed up to avoid the cultists who want to kill him. 47 again comes to his rescue by killing the hired assassins.

As to why he gets into these situations, well... I guess he's not very good at his job is he?