View Full Version : Will KH2 Remix get a HD release Too!

22nd Aug 2013, 06:10
I think Square-Enix has learned the nasty art of milking fans , so I absolutely think before KH3 releases a KH2 remix HD will come to the Ps3. What do you think ?

22nd Aug 2013, 15:35
This is kind of a spoiler but the credit for KH1.5 Remix there are scenes from KH2, KHBBS and KHRC in it probably meaning they are planing to release KH2.5 Remix which contain KH2FM, KHBBSFM and KHRC in the future.

16th Sep 2013, 02:20
they should if they don't I will be pissed

19th Sep 2013, 21:23
Not to kill your thunder but if they released a KH1.5 HD collection, why wouldn't they release a KH2.5 HD collection. obviously RE:COM and 358/2 days was in the first so you get the idea that BBS and maybe 3D would be in it instead of RC. Honestly, they should just make it with the last remaining installations left. I don't have a PSP or 3Ds nor do I want them but I really want to play BBS and 3D on the PS3 so id prefer either of them over RC. Oh and I want to fight Roxas with Sora in KH2 final mix so they should be making another collection.