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nightvision toad
15th Apr 2004, 20:14
I play FF7 on Playstation and the game keeps crashing. But it always happens at a certain point. This being when cloud/zack or whoever rushes into the jehover chamber in clouds mind. Because of this I've never beat the game!

If something else triggers this or something can anyone help 'cos I'm not keen on it happening on my new game.

15th Apr 2004, 21:05
Playstation? This forum is for the PC version.

I could only guess that it's a bad disk, if it's locking up on a Playstation. Did you see the part where Sephiroth tears off the head off of jenova? If you didn't, maybe the disk is messed up on that movie.

Buy a preowned copy at Ebgames or somewhere, (hint, hint...EB allows refunds, for bad copies). Or get a new copy for 15dollars.

nightvision toad
15th Apr 2004, 21:09
No I haven't seen it but thanks anyway.

15th Apr 2004, 21:21
I bought Lunar 2 Collection at EB online about 10 months ago.... and never played it, I just kept putting it off. The game wasn't going anywhere, afterall. Around 6months after I bought it I decided to give it a try.....

To my disbelief, after the first few opening movies, the game froze.....it actually started skipping on one of the opening movies. I skipped past the movie, and the game would just go to a black screen. Now it way past the warranty of 30 days..... I figured I'd be out 40 dollars. But, what I did was order another copy of Lunar2, and sent the bad copy back for a refund...... I was still out the shipping, but at least I got to play Lunar2 without spending 80 dollars.