View Full Version : Tomb Raider 2 for 1 Value Pack

14th Apr 2004, 10:40
I was out shopping yesterday at Fry's Electronics here in San Diego. As I passed down one of the the PC game aisles, I saw a large quantity of Tomb Raider games, which is rather unusual.

They had an EIDOS Platinum Collection "Tomb Raider 2 for 1 Value Pack" consisting of TRLR and TRC for $9.99. That's TRLR - 35 levels and TRC - 13 levels, plus the Level Editor, for just $9.99. I paid $44.87 for TRLR and TRC in July of 2001.

On the next shelf down they had The Lost Artifact - 6 levels, also for $9.99. And on the shelf below that was TRAOD for $19.90.

Later in the day I was at CompUSA. They had TRAOD for $14.99. That's quite a come down from the original $49.99 last July.

Still later in the day I was at Best Buy. They had TR2 Gold and TR3, each for $9.99.

Out of curiosity I bought the Tomb Raider 2 for 1 Value Pack. I thought that in new production they might have fixed the savegame bug with the Cyborgs in TRC. No such luck.

I compared all of the files on my old and new disks for each game.

The only difference between the two TRLR disks is that in the Platinum Collection one a few lines were added to the Readme file saying that the manual is only on the CD as a PDF file. The new CD includes the official EIDOS patch for TRLR, but that patch does not have the quick loading fix.

The TRC disks are the same. The manual is the same and is on the old and the new disks, though the PDF files have different names. So there are no bug fixes.