View Full Version : Video capture cards

John D.
12th Apr 2004, 13:13
I was thinking of getting some kind of inexpensive capture card to get tv/vcr stuff onto my computer. It would have to go into a PCI slot since my Radeon 9600 is in my AGP slot. What brand/features should I look for when I check pricewatch?

16th Apr 2004, 03:08
I think the ATI all-in-wonder does this. They have that model in many lines including 9800 Pro. You get a video card thrown in for free. :)

16th Apr 2004, 03:39
ATI Remote/TV Wonder Pro(or not pro) would be the best thing to do even though it's not the cheapest one right now.

Especially considering that you don't need to pay the price of a new video card plus a new capture card whenever you want to upgrade either.