View Full Version : Immortal Keepers

11th Apr 2004, 09:23
Has anyone tried to knock out a keeper in T2 "Life of the Party" (Just before entering the apartment leading to Angelwatch with two women inside).
Anyway I knocked out one and threw him down the street, but it just didn't seem to die.

Has anyone else tried this or do i have way too much time in my hands...

12th Apr 2004, 08:39
That Keeper's pretty easy to grab. Try getting the first one you come across - that's a much bigger challenge.

You can kill the Keepers in this mission by hitting them with your sword once they're knocked out, but I never realised they were immune to fall damage.

12th Apr 2004, 16:26
tha guy always seems to get away from me every time

12th Apr 2004, 22:25
Do you mean the keeper behind the glass in some sort of library just a few steps from the starting point? I have knocked him out with a gas arrow, but i can't get in that building.

13th Apr 2004, 12:23
You can't get into the building, but you can grab the keeper.

If you knock him out with a gas arrow, often part of him will stick out through the glass, as the room he's in is very small.

If you climb onto the rooftops around the Keeper's building and come at the exposed body part from above, you can grab it without triggering the delete trap that covers the section of rooftop in front of the unbreakable windows.

The rest, as they say, is gravy.