View Full Version : Favourite Level?

ICA cleaner
10th Apr 2004, 04:30
This has probably been done before, but what's your favourite level?

10th Apr 2004, 07:00
I like fish raustarent mission coz you have to work very hiddenly. :D

10th Apr 2004, 11:14
Traditions of the Trade.

*Jump from one balcony to the next*, Yoink! *Ping, Ping.*

10th Apr 2004, 15:14
I like the Lee Hong assasination best cuz it's complex, and there are several ways to completing it. I like killing Lee Hong's fat-assed bodyguard :D , and Lei Ling:p .

Lee Hong
25th May 2004, 14:25
Lee Hong Assassination, obviously!...

Traditions of the Trade is pretty cool, too.

25th May 2004, 16:43
Traditions of the Trade, easily.

Although the Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant was pretty cool too...