View Full Version : Strange problem in the Dance Club

9th Apr 2004, 22:53
Hi all!

I'm new here :)

I read through the forum last night trying to find an answer to my problem but couldn't find anything related.

I did read Stella's walk-thru on this level, that's how I discovered my problem.

I entered through the garage, have done everything I was supposed to, reached the very top, now I'm in the lights control room.

According to her walk-thru, you use the left lever to rotate the light, and use the right lever to slide the light into the box.


My left lever doesn't do anything.

The only lever that works is the right one that slides the lighting unit in & out of the box.

And there is no "action hand icon" for the left lever, only the right one.

Anyone have any suggestions?

(running on a pc)

Black Angel
9th Apr 2004, 23:14
The light has to be out of the box in order to rorate the lights. Have you downloaded all the patches for TR: AOD? If so, then the problem has only one solution, seach this forum for the level skip cheat and bypass the level and go to Bouchard's Hideout, the game will progress from there. I hope that this helps you.

10th Apr 2004, 14:23
It's a bug. If you have a save game from the previous level, start again. If not, I believe you can download one from Stella's site.