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7th Apr 2004, 20:18
ok its simple just ad on a couple of levels with cut scences and levels i started with the first two HAVE FUN!!!

cut scene: at fist we find ourselfs at her manions the camera begins to pan around her mansion then zooms into the window where we find miss croft studing kurtis's blade when she hears a crash, then the camera goes to the main entrance where we dound a swat team broke in.

Level one - the mansion: for this level you will have to find a way and survive to the basement where lara can escape

cut scene: day tewo we find lara creeping through the damage with her guns pulled, after looking she notices that they took an ancient artifact

Level Two - the Base: here we find lara in the streets after waking around you find a guy that you talk to about how to get insite the swat base (talking ( interactive ) if nice to him he will tell you an easy way by going in the sewers an entering in the west wing which is almost abondoned(SP). if you are mean he will tell you to find your own way in which would be harder and out of your way going into other buildings. the goal of this level is to try and find out what they wanted with the artifact

cutscene: we find lara looking over some papers when she discovers that the artifact is used or an ancinet occult that was starting to resurface around south america

8th Apr 2004, 03:28
Hmmm...your beginning cutscene sounds awfully like the Home Sweet Home level in TR2.

Black Angel
8th Apr 2004, 14:30
The swat team scene also sounds like the storm on the Louvre in by the Agency in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.

Oh and please be sure to read the first chapter of my Tomb Raider Fan Fiction thread, I believe that I have finally hammered out all of the spelling errors.

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