View Full Version : Hardware Mode in Thief 1

5th Apr 2004, 12:28
I am having trouble running hardware mode in Thief 1. I have a P4 running an nVidia GeForce FX 5200 card with Windows XP. Everytime I try to run the game in hardware mode it crashes and says it cannot properly read the textures. Is there some sort of patch to correct the problem?

9th Apr 2004, 12:34
Oh, you mean the texture problem, huh?

If I'm not wrong, you'll need to uninstall your current drivers and install the 45.xx version of the nvidia drivers. The texture problem is some sort of bug caused by the latest drivers.

9th Apr 2004, 14:41
Go here (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1004770#post1004770) and grab the exe which corresponds to your version of the game.

12th Apr 2004, 13:29
That works great. Thanks.

18th Apr 2004, 19:55
My comp gives me the same message when I try to run the deom, is there any way I can fix that since there wasn't a dl to fix the demo on the previous link.

18th Apr 2004, 20:49
Try the 1.14 retail exe. It might work, but back up the original one first.

ChillY BillY
26th Apr 2004, 03:16
I have the same problem but i grabbed the file for the link salvage gave above but it didn't work.

The file that was at the link, what is it supposed to do when you run it? Mine doesn't do much, the screen refreshes and it doesn't fix the problem.

Is there anything else i can do?