View Full Version : A book to help me learn XP?

5th Apr 2004, 08:09
Can anyone recommend a good book to help me learn XP? I hate Windoze help for finding anything out, unless they improved it in XP, which I doubt :p

I really don't like the "Dummies" brand of books either. I just don't seem to have the same mindset that the dummies books have and always have problems finding what I want in them. They are ok for covering things like learning the very basic navigating things, but lack or skim over on what to do if you need to change your drivers or things like that (techy stuff).

Or am I worrying for nothing. Will I be able to easilly adapt from using Win 98SE, which I can fix any software problem I have and work with it's user settings easily. Is XP that different?

I all ready know I'll be searching old posts here on getting TG and TMA installed and running on XP.

5th Apr 2004, 18:53
In general use XP just like you would Win98. There are minor differences in the control panel and some of the other functions work the same, but offer options you will pick up quickly.

For example if you open a folder, a popup window will automatically show up to allow you to move the file or folder without all the extra keystrokes or mouse actions you need in W98.

You should pickup the use without much difficulty, and there are a lot of XP users here who will gleefully aid you anytime you have a question.

6th Apr 2004, 05:56
OK, maybe I'll save some bucks and wing it without a book and see what happens..... I'll go buy a new game instead :D

If I can't figure out things like where they put the device manager, and hardware acceleration, and disabling the stupid autorun thing...........

<ahem, says in my very best Arnold voice>......... I'll be back :)

Win98 I thought was easy and conveniant enough, once I realized you just right click on everthing and there is a menu or something that pops up. :)