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2nd Apr 2004, 10:27
How do I get out?

Rennes is dead poor chap! and I can leave one item in the strong room to avoid the explosion going off - there does not appear to be time to avoid death in the sewers.

All areas covered: Bouchard's hideout, the Church (including the beam walk), the sewers, the herbalist (not much use), the graveyard, the park, Cafe Metro (no use as Janitor spoken to first), box successfully recovered from Serpent Rouge etc

There is a door at No 17 with a code entry like the one at Rennes, but I do not know how to enter.

So what do I need to do to exit the level? Better timing at the Pawnshop or access to no 17 or both?

Anywhere else to explore?

Thanks for your help.

2nd Apr 2004, 15:09
This is what i did.

Before u enter the room with the goodies, go to the trap door that u exited through, the one that enters the sewers. She will say something and then go 2 the room with the goodies. When every thing is picked up press the yellow button on the wall and go through the trap door. keep to the right to avoid being set on fire. then run down the big pipe and a cutscene wiil start.

Hope it helps!

2nd Apr 2004, 15:11
You need better timing at the Pawn Shop...

I found that having the last item in the vault the one closest to the button helped me. Press the button, run over to the trap door and open it. Roll in (instead of trying to drop in), run forward, jump into the hole while starting to angle to the left (if I remember correctly), finish the turn while running and just keep running (even if it looks like the flames begin to overtake you).

It did take me and my sister several tries the first time to get it down, you just have to be persistant and keep trying.

2nd Apr 2004, 16:26

I had just got there when the email came through - even without the roll, the half-turn etc I guess I just did not reckon she could survive by turning towards the screen - but thanks again.