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2nd Apr 2004, 03:24
Over at TTLG a little while ago, Nightwalker suggested that I check out FMs. :)

I have done as instructed. Now, after many FMs, I am completely hooked into Dromed. :D

I have a few questions that I would have posted in the Dromed area, but it doesn't seem to get much attention. I have also posted these questions at TTLG's Dromed board.

In the future I'm sure I won't have to post these things here.

And now, the questions! :D

1.) What are various ways to get Garrett to appear where the camera is and not the "start point"?

2.) Is it possible to have the Thief II sky in Thief Gold Dromed?

3.) When you keep adding texture familes, "Alt-T" starts to fill up with textures. How can you easily remove all the textures and start over?

Thank you in advance.

I found Order of the Vine particularly inspiring! :)

2nd Apr 2004, 03:26
Welcome, Alvar!!

Order of the Vine is a favorite of mine too. I loved sneaking through that first room & it got better from there.

John D.
2nd Apr 2004, 13:55
Hi Avlar! You might try posting your Dromed questions on the dromed forum, but I'll be glad to help answer what questions I can.

1. Try typing persistent_player_pos in the command box. (small area on bottom right corner)

2. Havent tried that, but I dont think it's possible. I would advise using the
T2 editor, it seems to run smoother and has more options.

3. Use the command compress_family all to remove any textures you dont have used in the level (be careful, I believe the max texture limit is around 248, any more and the next time you open a saved level you'll find all your textures gone!:eek: )

Hope this helps!:)

2nd Apr 2004, 21:28
Thank you both very much for your support. I have finally gotten a hold of Komag's Tutorial and have updated to the Thief II version of Dromed. I am now off and running! See you in a year when my FM is done! :D

Special thanks to Nightwalker for pointing out the FM's. :)

3rd Apr 2004, 01:10
I take every chance I get to tell people about FMs because I don't want anyone to miss out on the fun! I'm glad you're enjoying them.

Good luck with Dromed and I'll look forward to playing your first mission when it's done. :)