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1st Apr 2004, 09:56
Hello All,

I have the following problem, I have to admit that I bought this game only 3 days ago and am very addicted! Really like it, so after two days I go looking around on the internet for info on the game, as it is pretty old already..

Found this great forum, and the web side of mucky foot, downloaded the patch to go to version 1.01, the patched installed perfect, but now when I want to start Startopia it keeps saying INSERT STARTOPIA CD-ROM!

I probally know what the problem is, just don't know the solution!
The game is on one of those VALUE-CD's, kost me only 5 euro's :)
So not the original box, with manuals, but a value-cd with Startopia on it and a on-line manual.

I gues the Star topia executable that gets updated now searches for the original Startopia CD-ROM.

Please does any one know a solution? If I look at the things that are changed in the update I would really like to update my game!

ps (good thing I had backuped my profile folder, because I had to re-install the game to get it to work again, version 1.0 that is...:( )

1st Apr 2004, 16:52
Perhaps you could try the 1.01b patch? As I recall there were two version of the patch.

2nd Apr 2004, 07:28
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
Perhaps you could try the 1.01b patch? As I recall there were two version of the patch.

Thank you verry much! I wasn't aware of this patch and reading the description (removes some problem with copyright.. Babblefish translation so you never now) I am going to give it a try!


Phat Dr Robeatnik
2nd Apr 2004, 16:33
Has it worked?

Phat Dr Robeatnik
2nd Apr 2004, 16:35
As I recall there were two version of the patch.

Stop trying to act as if you can't remember properly. Your so obsessed with StarTopia you know the patch sizes down to the last bit and have the file creation dates tattoed on your forehead.


2nd Apr 2004, 17:17
Shut it!

Phat Dr Robeatnik
2nd Apr 2004, 23:47
Oh I get it. You want a piece of me?

Come and get it big man.

3rd Apr 2004, 11:26
*rips a chunk out of phat Dr Robeatnik*

And don't call me big man

Senor v2
3rd Apr 2004, 19:08
Now Now ladies, there is no need to argue

4th Apr 2004, 00:31
*Rips a rather sensative chuck out of Senor v2*

Who's the lady now eh?

Phat Dr Robeatnik
4th Apr 2004, 00:48
Hell yeah.

It's on like Donkey Kong.

Just don't say anus.

4th Apr 2004, 01:38
"By Zedem Ze'Jim! I've never seen so much carnage in the arena in just one day!"

"No doubt about it Beep; there is going to be one hell of a fight down there today."

"The audience seems to share your enthusiasm. With our home-station favourite, Arctic_Wolf already biting chunks out of the Phat Doctor Robeatnik and the Spanishan Senor the Salt Hog, its obvious that this is going to be a messy two-to-one bloodbath. I don't think something like this has happened since the Kasvagorian Intervention of 2997 GST."

"Now if this is anything like that, we may just be in for a real treat today. Well Thyorians and Polkavians, stay tuned for more carnage when we return to Inter-Galatic Wrestle Mania after this three-millisecond subliminal message."

Drink Slurm! It's highly addictive!

Phat Dr Robeatnik
4th Apr 2004, 13:33
Phat Dr Robeatnik dances round the rings shouting

W00t. I ar3 l337!

I 0wnZ j00 wulf!

5th Apr 2004, 07:39
Originally posted by Phat Dr Robeatnik
Has it worked?

YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Thank you al very much, and no bashing each others brains out now...:D :D :D

Phat Dr Robeatnik
5th Apr 2004, 10:39
He started it.

/me smacks Arctic_Wolf in the face


5th Apr 2004, 15:52
*Slaps Phat Dr Robeatnick back*

Did not!

*And to prevent further arguing seals the Phat Dr's mouth up with Starship Hull Sealant*

m3 R l337, U R l0zR!

Phat Dr Robeatnik
5th Apr 2004, 17:28
muffle muffle...0\/\/nZ j00 muffle

5th Apr 2004, 22:14
Okay; our dear Syntax is right you know, we must solve this in a civilized way. Prepare for Galactic Civil Court!

<Everyone is teleported to a large court chambers with a huge audience and a rather nosy media crowd as well. The husky Kasvagorian Bayliff speaks. A very large Kluur-Dragonian with scary wing-like structures and a black robe walks in.>

"Will the court please rise."

"Thankyou Bayliff. Now! You all know the last time I did something like this, a huge intergalactic war started and cost countless lives and shattered once burgeoning economies for many years to come. However, I will not make the same mistake twice. There are no robotic ninja-assassins and no shapeshifting silicon-based beings to screw things up. This will go by the book for the time being. Now, state your complaints so we can move on and stop wasting our tax-payer's energy."

5th Apr 2004, 23:14
I have no complaints, I am satisfied that the Phat Dr has recieved the rightfull punishment for his crimes, ergo sealing his mouth up with starship hull sealant. It is of course tempory as, unless reaplied within 10,000 years the sealant degrades.

I have already prepared a time capsule that we can seal him in until such time has passed, when it has he will be catapulted back in time to a further minute from when he's sealed up.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
6th Apr 2004, 00:02
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6th Apr 2004, 02:12
<The honour clears his throat>

"This dispute, being a Civil court and all, must be solved in a civilized manner. Even though you say you have no complaints, I am just fed up with this fighting business. Therefore, you two are required to duke it out on the planet Kasvagorian in Galactic Gladiators 6:00 PM standard time. Which is in ten minutes . . ."

<The two are teleported the harsh desert world of Kasvagoria and stand in an arena of epic proportions. Although ninety percent of the crowd reside in calm shade, the two combatents stand in the light of three yellow suns. There appear to be no visible exits, and numerous Skrasher bouncers run along the edge on leashes attached to posts. After a few seconds, two large, complete shelves of melee weapons appear in all different types; one for each contestant. This was being broadcasted of course, and so they were fairly exotic. Ranging from live Memau-on-Sticks to Polkavian Space-Trout, it was obvious that they were going to have to fight or succumb to the rather annoyed Skrashers. Before this posts ends, however; we must note that the two contestants were changed into rather revealing loinclothes mid-teleportation.>

6th Apr 2004, 14:55
<Arctic Wolf choses a Starship class welding tool and takes a couple of plasma, dairy cream and happy gas grenades and leaps at Phat Dr. Robeatnik. Using the welding tool he cracks open its mouth and hurredly activates the grenades, throwing them down the throat. Grabbing a new bottle of hull sealant from the shelf he resprays before running for cover>


<The arenas anti-premature-death sensors, pull the Phat Dr. back together, a little is missing however as one skrasher was delighted to find a chunk of creamy cooked meat infront of it. The crowd roar cheers big enough to vibrate any normal stadium to the ground.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
6th Apr 2004, 15:46
Phat Dr Robeatnik wastes no time in mounting a counter attack. Weilding a set of knitting needles and an armadillo The Doctor leaps forward.

Spearing Arctic_Wolf in the eyes with the needles Phat Dr Robeatnik proceeds to to place the armadillo on the Wolfs head where it starts to bury into his brain.

He shouts - Aiieeeeee

6th Apr 2004, 18:09
<With the crowd jeering the Phat Doctor somone throws a spray can "Give-me-head" Quickly spraying it around the inflicted area, Arctic_Wolf's head is regenerated, and the amradillo dies of poisoning. He inserts the can up the memau on a sticks bottom and takes aim at the Doctor, with a blow torch he lights the can.

In a temendous explosion that leaves Arctic_Wolf covered in soot the Memau Head missile takes off heading straight for the Doctor. He turns to avoid the missile but too late, he suffers the same fate as the memau. He now has a rocket up his arse which will go off any second now...>


<Once again the anti-premature-death sensors, pull the Phat Dr. back together. And once again there's a little less of him>

6th Apr 2004, 22:48
This is too funny, I think I almost had a heart attack laughing. What a cruel game I've created.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
7th Apr 2004, 19:25
Can I admit defeat?

I'm too tired to think up a witty retort

8th Apr 2004, 01:11
I am just too good for you, you should find a smaller target like Senor v2.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
8th Apr 2004, 11:00
Yeah Senor v2 is a LOSER.


8th Apr 2004, 13:28
<Senor v2 is phased into the arena and Arctic_Wolf is phased into the Commentators box.>

This should be good.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
8th Apr 2004, 15:08
You ready for the smackdown?

Senor v2
8th Apr 2004, 17:04
Oh yeah I'm ready.

If you want to mess with me and call me a loser, then you better get ready for the verbal beat down of your hairy little life.

I will take some Superlube (TM glides those segment doors like [insert good simile here]) and lube Arctic's size 12 shoe, turn it sideways and shove it straight up your candy ass.

There is more to come ye wee laddy.....

8th Apr 2004, 17:16
Oh thats messy, a classic manouver with a modern twist. In more ways than one. Oh doctor's intestines must be screaming...

I need new shoes.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
10th Apr 2004, 19:47
Hey, last time I stuck soemthing up someones ass I got banned!


11th Apr 2004, 00:14
MODERATOR: Stop whining this instant

11th Apr 2004, 16:38
I'm quite sure it's been brought up in here in the past. But I believe it's pronounced "arse".

Senor v2
11th Apr 2004, 17:59
Yes it is pronounced arse, but at the time ass sounded so much better.

11th Apr 2004, 21:23
Ass is a name for a donkey.

Senor v2
11th Apr 2004, 21:33
i was speaking like an american on purpose, because thats where i heard the phrase candy ass. Which doesnt make sense at all.

11th Apr 2004, 22:13
Censor: All bad influences should be banned!

Me: My friend learnt a obscene phrase from...


Me: Ehm, um, america.


Me: But you're the american censor!

Censor: I don't care the dan the of damned americans!

Me: You just said...

Censor: BAN ME!

<After the censors(including dhama :D ) were banned the world lived happily ever after.>

Phat Dr Robeatnik
12th Apr 2004, 00:11

Mucky Foot
12th Apr 2004, 16:21
I probally know what the problem is, just don't know the solution!
The game is on one of those VALUE-CD's, kost me only 5 euro's
So not the original box, with manuals, but a value-cd with Startopia on it and a on-line manual.

The problem is that you have a cracked version that somebody burned to a CD. The solution is to buy a proper copy. There are plenty on e-bay.