View Full Version : In the name of Ghyron's Ghost! (Apology, etc)

1st Apr 2004, 02:31
I am truly sorry for what you may have previously encountered, Hikoushi Aori, although my account originally, was pre-meditated in the form of many imaginative word documents and was quickly comandeered by another occupant of my residence. I am deeply sorry if whoever* did this caused any trouble, but if you are interested in knowing. . .

Yes! I have returned!

That's right; the famous Dracoraptor/Exitium has returned from a very hectic few months of real life. I have returned to the dark, forbidding cave-like conditions of my computer terminal's room and plan on staying active from here-on-after. The reason for my absence is very simple you see: I moved. Well, I was moved for a short while, but something didn't quite work out and I was able to take back the spot I had recently vacated (unbelievable really). If any human/peep/pure orb of energy is interested on starting a war with the Kluur-Dragonians and our friends from the Western Frontier, I will be happy to fling the first pastry into their faces. <[i]SPLAT!>

I mean, whens the last time me and Davidg had an argument that started a war? Gee, I forget now that I mention it . . .

*=The individual that started this problem has never been discovered, though I quite possibly need that particular self to pay for things, and it would be in our best interests for the cable-modem to remain operational.

And so I don't forget: I am sorry for my unexcusable absence, please let the Sky-Goat punish me. . .

. . . uhm . . . Must be pretty merciful today. . .

1st Apr 2004, 16:55
Sky Goat...wasn't she defeated by Lego man?

1st Apr 2004, 22:32
Was that his tower I saw on my way in here?


1st Apr 2004, 22:39
you seriously need to get a better hobby :D

Phat Dr Robeatnik
2nd Apr 2004, 09:35
Good God. That is a rather outstanding lego monument.

But if I am not mistaken is it not the tower of Sauron?

2nd Apr 2004, 12:29
No; it appears to be someone's reconstruction of . . .

Orthanc? Dear, I must get out my room if I can remember that. But the sun is too bright! Hisss!

8th Apr 2004, 00:16
Oh sweet lord, LEGO MANIA.

Anyways, I also have been engulfed by real life, but have now returned, at least I don't forget my password to my original account :p