View Full Version : Gamma adjust mess.

31st Mar 2004, 01:02
I am new to these forums but I quess that someone could help me a bit with very odd gamma problem...

I can't get gamma setting to stay in 0.25 which is out of gamma slider range and I know that setting gamma to 0.25 gives me optimal gaming experience :) .
And I somehow get it to stay in that 0.25 But now it jumps to some deafult value every time i have played ~30 secs and goes back after I look map or goto some other menu..

Hardware specs
Processor : Intel P3 850 MHZ
256 Mbytes SDram
Gainward GeForece 2 MX-400 (64MT SDram on board)
Creative SB live sound card.
Logitech MX-500 optical mouse

31st Mar 2004, 07:01
The gamma slider is more likely to stay put if you adjust it before you start a mission. Then I suggest to exit Thief and start Thief again to see if it remains where it should be. Then playing a mission should not change it. That is my experience, at least, but I set my gamma rather high. I don't know what it would do at 25%.

Gamma at 25%. Geez. I have never heard of anyone playing Thief with Gamma so low. Do you have a very bright monitor or set your monitor to a very bright setting?

31st Mar 2004, 15:18
Thanks for tip I think I will try it tonight.

Anyway it's bit weird but for some reason thief's gamma slider work bit opposite way than usual.
Because brighest value by slider is 0.5 and darkes is 1.5 (don't know how far it can be set).

And my monitor is propably calibrated for my old 3d card and there for picture is very dark.

1st Apr 2004, 05:57
That's funny. I have never seen numbers on a gamma slider in Thief: TDP, Gold, or T2. In my games there is an unnumbered scale, bright is to the right, and that is where I have it. That is pretty typical.