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van_HellSing PL
28th Mar 2004, 14:07
I noticed it was never mentioned here, so: http://komag.net/stuff/timelessness_rehevkor_avi.zip

It's an VERY nice Thief music video by Lexx Rehevkor. It's made up of T1/T2 cutscenes + some material from the "Tools of the Trade" trailer. And has some good music. It's not your average action-packed MTV clip, this one is moody, slow paced, thought provocative.
A true gem.

28th Mar 2004, 14:57

28th Mar 2004, 19:38
Thanks, van_HellSing PL:)

For those who may be confused about the codec (needed to play this AVI), xvid is the open source developer suite. The Windows application is called DivX, and it may be downloaded here (http://www.divx.com/divx/). There is a free standard version hiding in there.