View Full Version : Last Revelation - Stuck in lava chamber?

28th Mar 2004, 00:49
Lara is stuck above the second lava chamber. When I let the guide into the lava chamber the gate moves when lava catches fire. How do I get past the second lava chamber?

Kurtis Trent
28th Mar 2004, 04:16
This should be in the Tomb Raider Legacy forum for game help.

Anyway, I think I know where you are, but can you explain a little bit more on your location?

28th Mar 2004, 04:28
Your post is a little confusing. The pools are not lava, but rather some flammable liquid that the guide sets afire with his torch.

After pulling the chain to let the guide in to set fire to the second pool, beams of light shine through certain squares in the floor in front of Lara.

She walks onto the square in front of the square with the chain, and then takes standing jumps to the other lit squares. From each square there is only one other that can be reached with a standing jump. When she reaches the last square in front of the gate at the far end of the room, the gate will open.