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27th Mar 2004, 15:34
Is there a demo of TR AOD out there? If so could someone reply with the URL to obtain it?

27th Mar 2004, 19:24
Originally posted by GoranAgar
Q: Where can I download the Demo for Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness?
A: Sorry, but a playable demo hasn't been released yet.

27th Mar 2004, 22:00
Yahoo!Games on demand does give you an opportunity to play the game for free but for a short time. Check out Yahoo.com

7th May 2004, 17:57
I checked out Yahoo Games On Demand and the game is not free. There is a rental fee to play it. I have looked all over that site to find a free version of it and could not find any. Could you lead me to the part of that site that has the free version. Please reply

9th May 2004, 01:51
:( Unfortunately the demo download does not include TR Aod.

9th May 2004, 03:17
Thank you Foxy.