View Full Version : Totally free mp3/wav converter

John D.
27th Mar 2004, 03:36
I was wanting to get my hands on a program that can convert mp3 to wav's and reverse. I've tried some before, but they have always been some shareware version or another with limited uses. Is there a good one that isnt?

31st Mar 2004, 02:32
http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ Try this, and then look here: http://www.pcplus.co.uk/downloads/default.asp?

John D.
31st Mar 2004, 13:07
Excellent, I got dbpoweramp now! Thanks Blackman!:) Now when I want to use mp3 sounds in an FM, I can create a wav version when I'm doing dromed work so I wont have to use darkloader(which can play mp3 format) for sound tests.:D

2nd Apr 2004, 02:22
On a similar note, now that my computer is running normally, I have now had the time to burn a CD Ive been anxious to get to. Its a mp3 CD for my car, (the deck is older, like 2 years old, and fairly cheap) Now, I burn a straight data CD, fill it with MP3s, and it burns fine. The trouble comes with certain songs. It seems the songs that were put on my hard drive through Windows Media Player (as in they were ripped from the original CD) wont play in the CD player. I get some error along the lines of "Sample Frequency." Other MP3s I got off kazaa work fine, its just the ones that I ripped with Window Media Player. Does the warning mean anything to anyone? If so, is there a setting I can adjust to rip the CDs in such a way that the MP3s work? Thanks.

2nd Apr 2004, 06:59
What sound card do you have? If the sound card has its own recorder, then play the song with WIN Media, and record it on the sound card recorder as WHAT YOU HEAR (if that option is available). Check the record options in the recorder. Mine has WMA mono, stereo, MP3, Wav mono, stereo, and allows me to set the record rate. Keep it below 32 bit samples at 8 to 16.

3rd Apr 2004, 06:23
My sound card is a Creative Audigy Platinum Ex. I'll try what you said.

3rd Apr 2004, 18:08
The Audigy has the same control panel as mine. Open the Creative Player on RECORD, and set the type of recording media you want, and select WHAT YOU HEAR in the source.

I have the Audigy Plat 2 card and do copy from MEDIA playing to Creative recorder all the time.