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26th Mar 2004, 04:34
Hi FF7 Gods.

Is this what use to be of 'Play Online.com'?

This game will always be the best ever and I just had to play the game again... but the PC version this time to get some SS/Video momentos and such.
I got the patches, did my searches and read up on the threads but I am just not getting the answer.
Is there any way at all of getting the PC Version to run under D3D (8 bit paletted textures "PASS") with Win XP and a ATI Radeon ??? I know ATI Radeon does not support the 8 bit on newer cards but...no matter what system you got running.., Software Rendering just sux.

Any ideas/links..whatever w'd be greatly appreciated :)

Sys Specs:
XP ; DX>8.1 ; AMD 1.4G ; ATI 8500 ; SB Live 5.1


29th Mar 2004, 20:48
I don't know about the ATI's, but the TNT patch was originally used for the 8bit pallet failer. In other words if you can get that test to say Fail instead of Pass, you can use the full Tnt patch.

If you can find a third party program that disables the 8bit pallet in the ATI driver, that would be one way.

A trick that works with Nvidia is to use only the FF7config.exe from the patch (ignore the FF7.exe from the patch), and only use it. Select the Hardware mode option and don't click on any of the Nvidia options. If you get grid lines (and you probalby will), you need to turn off Anti-aliasing, or downgrade to an older Video Driver..... Or use Rivatuner and force it into level 0 textures. But that's for the Nvidia cards. It may work with ATI, too...except for the Rivatuner part..

The second trick that works with Nvidia is to use a third-party program called Rivatuner....disable the 8bit pallet in the driver, with it. Then you can use the whole TNTpatch....and select the Nvidia option in the FF7config.exe. I'm sure if you can figure a way to disable the 8bit pallet in the ATI driver, this method could work.

I think there are more people at Qhimm.com 's board that play with ATI cards.....

This forum was never for Playonline....it's always been for FF7PC.

29th Mar 2004, 22:56
Thx for the Reply.

Yea unfortunately with my Card (ATI 8500) The card itself does not support the 8 bit palleted textures for any game.

I will try the other forum see what they know.


1st Apr 2004, 15:45
If it says fail during for the 8bit pallet test....then you should be able to use full TNT patch.

From a post at Qhimm's site
You should install this patch: (Will update FFVII to 1.02)

(In ff7config.exe -> For Radeon cards I find that checking the NVidia box and sleecting TNT works the best)

And the Chocobo Patch.

There are no other Patches you need.

This is just a little hope for you, that Radeon cards can work in Hardware mode. But the TNT patch is not really just for Nvidia cards, it was truly designed to be a work around for 8bit pallet failers. If the Test says Fail for that part...the TNT patch will be the first step in getting it to run in Hardware mode.

.....here is a link to another thread:

3rd Apr 2004, 03:24
Applied the TNTPatch and.... Your right, it works. Thx man, nice going !

Wow everything seems so colorful and crisp. Is the miniature world map in the right hand corner supposed to be black water with this patch?


5th Apr 2004, 18:39
black water? I don't know....I guess.

I can tell you this....if you used the FF7.exe from the patch, the Odin Cut isn't going to look very good. I think you'll see black blocks when the enemy gets cut in half....If you read the readme file, it was a known problem with the patch.

And the wind won't work. The wind....Your probably lost. There is a part where you have to jump over some gaps or cliffs near the end of the game, and there is wind effect that is animated and you have to time the jump, when the wind dies down. If you used the FF7.exe from the patch, the wind won't animate. So, you can't time the jump. To get passed, you can go by pure luck of timing; or you need to go back to Software mode, so you can see the wind.

22nd Apr 2004, 04:28
Welp ran into a unmovable road block this time. Even with the Chocobo patch, Crashes upon starting the chocobo races (my own, not the Prison race. )

I guess if I want a Gold Chocobo I'll just have to best RubyW without some major Materia or do the Sage Mind Source trick and mate his Green Chocobo.

Win XP/2000 and FF7 definately don't mix well. Of course, these kinds of things are usually resolved when there is a little support from the manufacturer(s) ...and from what I read that support died back in 2000.

Well, at least Edios still keeps a forum running for a 7+ year old game so there is really is no reason for me or anyone to complain.


22nd Apr 2004, 16:34
Try it in Quarter screen mode....
Try it with Sound Acceleratin set to Basic, type dxdiag.

Head over to Qhimm's board, there are a lot more people there....I think I'm the only one that posts here now.

It's kinda wierd that the Prison race would work but the regular one doesn't. First I've heard of it.