View Full Version : What's the deal with excessive/long loadouts in games ???

26th Mar 2004, 00:00
Maybe I've been lucky. Most of the games I have played through the years have not had many irritating scene loads as I play a level. Thief, Delta Force, Deus Ex, Half Life, Unreal, Operation Flashpoint, Wolfenstein(I think on that one) either only have major mission loads or very quick (1 second or less) loads as I move into new areas.

Now, I've finally gotten around to playing American McGee's Alice. I realize I'm the last human to do this. And it's a 5-8 second load for every freaking door I open ! Grrr...this is awful, and I'm only into the second level. I like the look of this game, but the interruptions are a serious tax on my realism factor. :(

So this game comes as a double pack with Clive Barker's Undying, (both for $9.99 at Walmart as an impulse purchase !) also a EA Games product. And the same kind of loads in that game ! :(

So help a non-technical taffer. Is it the engine ? Is it design ? Is it unavoidable in some cases ? What makes some games different ? Why would designers even use this technique, except for necessary dialogue intervals with AI ? What games do I need to avoid if this issue causes me to pound the keyboard in rage ?

The good side of this type of game play is : allows time to refill martini glass between scenes. ;)

26th Mar 2004, 10:50
1 - Defragment your hard disk drive
2 - Look for any issues in the readme
3 - Make sure you've got the latest version
4 - Clean your CD and get a scratch repair kit if nesicary
5 - Always do full install unless you're *very* pressed for space. (Ideally, your HDD should always have 1.5gb or more free.)

26th Mar 2004, 12:20
Get a less comfortable chair, so you can work the kinks out between scenes?

31st Mar 2004, 20:28
Geez clayman...I didn't seem to have that kind of problem with load times...and as I recall in particular "Alice" was very fast, especially when using the QL? I was even pleasantly surprised that it did load so quickly! Even Unreal was no problem but it did take a couple of seconds longer but not enough to distract me. Same thing with Undying...about the same as Unreal...but Alice was faster than either of those two in comparison. Stick with it though as you'll really enjoy them both for their gameplay, graphics and stories ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

3rd Apr 2004, 22:31
Originally posted by Huntress
Geez clayman...I didn't seem to have that kind of problem with load times

Me neither. Must be something with your computer!