View Full Version : How to get the M4 carbine?

25th Mar 2004, 21:54
How do I get the M4? Hitmancontracts.net says "complete 5 mission with 0 agression and SA rating". Now, is "5 mission" a typo for five missions? If yes, then any missions or any particular in any particular order? Or does it mean the 5th mission (Invitation to a party)? I made that one with SA today though, and didn't get anything...it is the only weapon I lack and I would like to complete the set. No cheating allowed.

26th Mar 2004, 21:06
Five missions, not necessarily the fifth.

ICA cleaner
27th Mar 2004, 03:56
it is the only weapon I lack and I would like to complete the set. No cheating allowed.

Yes, you can complete five missions with Silent Assassin rating and get the M4. But I actually only learned this on my second play through (where I went for all Silent Assassin ratings). Now I'm not sure if this would qualify as a cheat or not, but when I was playing the Motorcade Interception level I noticed something. I really wanted one of those M4's and at the time didn't know you could get them anywhere but on this level. You know how Diana says you can't kill any of those pesky U.N. troopers? (In fact, even if you get one in between you and another and the one on the far side and the one on the far side kills the one in the middle accidentally, the mission is still failed!) So I figured that if I chloroformed one of the soldiers and took his gun, I could get it that way. No dice. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. So finally, I got frustrated and fiber wired one of those soldiers. To my complete surprise, the mission wasn't failed! I even tried it a few more times, it works every time. The trick is (my memory's a little hazy, I may get something wrong here, so bear with me), after assassinating the guy, get sighted by the troops in order to get them out of their jeeps and looking for you, run away, and hide. After that, isolate one of the soldiers and fiber wire him. Escape. Simple as that.

PS- Now that I think about it, they may actually get out and look for you after you assassinate the guy anyways, so you might just want to ignore what I said about being sighted. Hope you enjoy the M4!:)

27th Mar 2004, 12:12
Thanks for the tips, guys, I'll try it out. :)

19th Jun 2004, 02:25
ok ive been trying this too. you have to have 0 aggression? i beat the first 5 with SA rating but i dont know about aggression. ive read it said that you also have to beat the first 5 missions in one go. whats the real scoop?