View Full Version : This is for you Peter and anyone else too :)

23rd Mar 2004, 02:49

This is a thread for a beautiful wallpaper from TTLG for an FM in the making. You've probably been aware of this FM Peter since you do post over there, but I thought I link it over here for anyone that would like to check it out too :)

The reason I addressed it to you was due to your comment about wanting another "pretty girl" on your desktop :) Ta and Good Hunting!

23rd Mar 2004, 04:31
Wow! :D Thanks a lot Huntress. Did I say I wanted another pretty girl or that I was getting tired of the old one (the T2X model)? No matter, it is the thought that counts.

My wife might hang me out to dry for that one.:eek:

Like others, I am also looking forward to The Hammerite Imperium.;)

23rd Mar 2004, 22:53
Yea, I guess that was my interpretation of your comment as a generic tired of the one I have...rather than being more specific I guess to a T2X wallpaper :D Glad you liked it though (and when your wife comes in, just quickly bring up your Eidos forum screen and do a little "Iron Claw" stuff :eek:...boy I can't believe that thread and the audacity of that one individual!!! Too bad someone like that thinks so small but I guess it's part of the job eh? :(

I spent yesterday over at my Tech's shop and did some testing for one of my games (not Thief as I needed DII/Exp that is more graphic intensive) and so far so good! :) It shouldn't be too much longer now before I get it back and I'm so excited to finally get the benefits from my wholly new installation, etc. albeit a bit of a hassle cause I'll have to take and/or move things from the old HDD to the new one I had purchased while it's been there, then I'll have to reformat each drive on it to make it the empty one and the "slave" to the new one. It will be worth it all I guess to have a good running smooth system again! :) Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Mar 2004, 01:05
Isn't she a bit young for you? :p ;)

24th Mar 2004, 01:46
For me, yes, but not for my computer. ;)

24th Mar 2004, 03:57
bah! garrett wallpaper is sooo much better, mmhmm ;)