View Full Version : Athlon 64 experience?

22nd Mar 2004, 18:33
I am planning to build my next PC. An Athlon 64 processor is at the top of my list. I would probably continue to use Windows 2000 to stay away from common XP woes.

Does anyone here have experience with Thief 1 and 2 running on an Athlon 64?

Any comments on the use of an Athlon 64 with Windows 2000? Yeh, I know it won't run 64 bit apps, but neither will XP.

What is the deal with fast processors making the game run too fast? Do vsynch and AA settings adequately choke it?

Mr. Perfect
23rd Mar 2004, 01:47
I had the speed problem with Thief under 2000, and Vsync fixes it up nicely. And of course machines are so fast now that you can throw on full AA and AF and still get great frame rates. Thief looks pretty snazy with them on too. :)