View Full Version : Need help Mission 5 fish restaurant?

User 47
22nd Mar 2004, 12:06
I need help here. I can't hide the body of the red dragon member without also killing the police. I can't pass the mission if I kill any police! But they are shooting at me. What do I do?

I have all the objectives each time and I always fail the mission.

6th Apr 2004, 17:34
you are not supposed to kill the police.i have a long time i played this game.

6th Apr 2004, 18:45
Drop him in a sewers opening.

23rd Apr 2004, 20:06
1. get a knife and 9mm sd
2. go to the restaurant go to the bathroom window and climb in pull out the 9mm drop it on the floor
3. climb out the windor go where the Red Dragon person comes in walk beyond till you get to almost to the corner and pull the knife and slice his throat. hide is body in the sewer and take his stuff.. you can drop you knife if you want..
4. go do what you need to do.. then leave

if you just do it just right you should have no problems with anyone..